Daisy Bank Kennels

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We are members of the International Professional Groomers. Our professional City and Guilds qualified grooming team who have all been trained at Daisy Bank will be delighted to groom your dog either while staying in the kennels or at a pre-booked visit. We have a fully equipped modern grooming centre where we use the highest quality grooming products.

Whilst working to the Kennel Club Breed Standards, we are sensitive to the owner’s requirements. The complete groom can include brushing out, bathing, hand drying, blade work and advanced scissor techniques. We can also check anal glands, clip nails and clean the ears. We specialise in hand stripping.  We are happy to show our clients how to brush their pets to keep them under control between grooming appointments.

Let our City and Guilds qualified groomers give your dog a top class make over in our modern equipped grooming centre. Please call in to discuss the best trim for your pet’s lifestyle.









Cat Grooming starts from as little as £20 for a bath brush and nails clipped

Rachel and Stacey and attended an advanced cat grooming seminar with Heidi Anderton at Absolutely Animals in London.

The cats welfare is our priority at all times, we have learnt the latest techniques on how to handle cats while they are being groomed.

A cats fur is comprised of two coat types, undercoat and top coat, the undercoat doesn't fall out like a dogs coat, so brushing is a must. if not matts and tangles will appear and mostly impossible to brush out. Regular bathing and grooming of your cat will decrease matting. This will also help identify and health problems such as fleas and wounds. it also stimulates the glands to provide a waterproof coat.

Daisy Bank Kennels - Grooming